Animal Portraits

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea"  Rober A Heinlein

Large format paintings in both realistic and illustrative interpretations. Email Marky if you would like to talk about painting your beloved pet.  Acrylic on canvas or board 18x24 is the smallest size portrait available.  Prints Available Here...
Fred Dog in Heaven - marky pierson
Wet Dog by marky pierson
Nilser marky pierson pet portrait
sonic marky pierson pet portait
Fido and Spot- marky pierson
Blue by marky pierson
For Ivy marky pierson pet portrait
marky pierson dog portrait

The dog that started it all

'Shower Dog' was my first dog portrait. Maddie "Mad-dog" Pierson was a surprise visitor to my life.  Nearly 10 years later, she rides shotgun on many projects, reminds me what is important,  and sleeps near my feet both day and night. Maddie has made it into 10 paintings in one way or another.  This portrait of her sitting just outside of the shower started my side job as a pet portrait painter.