Coco's Monkey

BTS Edit - Cast & Crew 

Rough Cut Commercial Promo Long 1:19

Rough Cut Commercial Promo Short  :45 

Highlight Edit - Selects with minimal editing


Video inspiration - changing backgrounds; cinematic style; choppy transitions; bold text 

Production List

Cheggy- 305-393-4225
Yann Findlay- 305-395-1052  Yann has done extensive modeling for Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren and more.
Mike Dillon- 850-855-8012
Carly Shabo- 781-626-3621
Christina Rivers (aka Bubbles)- 786-479-8887 
Hans Lindsey will be there as a back-up model.  He's done Fury photo shoots before.  He will also be a right hand and assisting anywhere needed all day.  Running an errand or anything we possibly need.

Elena Southscott will be doing hair and make-up 305-744-8675
Boat Captain- Neil Mellies 305-780-0728  We also have Hans Lindsey and his boat as back-up if needed.

I'd like to have about 2-3 changes per location per model.


​Cheggy- 305-393-4225
Yann Findlay- 305-395-1052 
Mike Dillon- 850-855-8012
Carly Shabo- 781-626-3621
Christina Rivers (Bubbles)- 786-479-8887