Dog Bar - Key West

A Full Bar/Lounge with a Dog Park/Run on the same property.

Not a dog dump, sitter or bathroom.  A dog friendly meet up, playground, and dog friendly area with bar atmosphere. 
  • Outdoor Lot / Yard / Parking area to be fenced and screened
  • Wooden Tables, Benches, Planters for patrons to sit
  • Small Service Bar with Beer/Wine/Liquor in a Kiosk or adjacent building 
  • Easy access to bar - some stools near bar service
  • Umbrellas and shade for patrons
  • Large Tents with simple misters and lighting for dog area
  • Dog Toys, Tunnels, Ramps and large watering buckets purchased and built 
  • Areas for Small & Large Dogs 
  • Colorful/interesting art & design on inside of fence
  • Astro-turf for dog areas
  • Double fencing to prevent runaway dogs. 
  • Starting hours 4pm - Midnight Daily 
  • Bar Property Manager Daily Clean Up & Organization 
  • Live Music from Bands piped in & Eventual Screen 
  • Colorful, Clever Signage
  • T-shirt, Dog Bandana, Dog Bowls featuring GP's Dog Bar
10,000  Bar/Kiosk/Shelter
2000  AstroTurf
1500 Dog Play Area
1500  Benches/Planters
2000 Umbrella/Shade Sails
1000 Clean Up of area
3000 Artwork/Murals
2000 Fencing/Double Gates
2500 Electrical/Lighting
4000 Logistics, Planning, Mgmt.
Total 25,500 - 40,000
Budget/ Design/Marketing 
2500 Website
1500 Signage
500 Social Set Ups
1000 Art & Design Site
1000 Logo and Styling 
Total 7,500
Bartender - Hourly +tips 
Grounds Keeper - Hourly
Problem Areas:
Licensing for dogs/bar, Insurance for animals/dogs, Problem dogs, Problem owners. 

Dog Equipment Ideas

Coverings / Shade Tents 

Watering  Holes

Seating Options