Fest Parade Production Info 2017


Key West Weirdos,  Bringing Back the Weird,  Wild & Wacky,  Future is Female, Unity, Equality, Diversity

Our lead FEST Float represents the Heart of Key West - her people!   Colorful, diverse, magical, and united. The old & new weirdos return in full force. Power to the eccentric, artistic, and quirky citizens of Key West. There will be various small "crews" of people with coordinating/matching costumes that will represent some of the characters from the 2017 poster. This year's poster is a celebration of artwork from previous Fantasy Fest posters over the past 30+ years.  Also featured are props and set pieces from the Zombie Bike Ride, Tutu Tuesday, and the Masquerade March. 

The Water People: Skelton Sailors (originally featured in the 1998 poster, by Rick Worth) and Navy Men, Mermaids (originally featured in 1990, by Brockway), Tropical Fish of the Caribbean (originally featured in 1993, by TRK), and a large puppet Poseidon, God of the Seas (originally featured in 1994, by Goal Line), plus a kinetic bicycle boat & a tricycle manatee!

The Lady Pink (originally featured in 2005, by Robert Parks Curtis): She represents natural beauty & playfulness and the seductive tropical charms of Key West and the festival.  She has been a main focus in much of the Fest's artwork. 

Puppet Man (originally featured in 1985, by Van Eno): He comes to life as a large puppet, keeper of the festival's secrets, and he watches over the festival shrouded in mystery & the sensational. 

The Dragon (originally featured in 1994, by Jim Sherrington): The wild and fantastical, imaginative and energizing Dragon! Predecessor to the Iguana, this vibrant, 50’ dragon moves through the walking float, lifting spirits and holding the beat of our crew. 

The Sun, Moon & Stars (originally featured in 1994, by Jim Sherrington): The life-giving Tropical Sun & the spooky and Magical Moon. Celestial dreamers and night creatures, glow and dazzle with marvelous capes and feminine charms. 

Flute Player & Co (originally featured in 1990, by Brockway): The Musical Madness! Energetic, inspiring, music creating artists with their band of mystical unicorns.  


Zeus/Triton - with fish, manatees, Steve King's "Tempest" boat, and a couple mermaids, manatees, fish etc.   THE WATER PEOPLE 
Puppet Man - Van Eno Illustration 1985 
Dragon - The wild and fantastical, imaginative and energizing DRAGON. This can be created to look more iguana - or stick to the drawing image below.  Requires 3-5 people holding/dancing with the body and moment throughout the designated walking float area. 
The Sun & Moon & Stars - The life-giving Tropical Sun & the spooky and magical moon. Celestial dreamers, and night creatures, stars, astrology etc. 
Flute Player - The Musical Mad Person. Energetic, Inspiring, Music Creating - possibly combined with a crew of divine and bewitching unicorns. Possibly more flute players and one large Puppet on a shopping cart or similar.  
The Lady Pink  - 3-5 ladies with pink wigs & bikini *matching!* She represents natural beauty & playfulness.  She has been the main focus in much of the Fest art work. Ladies/Men will take turns sitting on the truck float, clouds, and dancing/interacting with the crowd on the street. Rotation. 
Skeleton Sailor (stilts) - with a crew of skeleton sailors Large puppet on stilts or in a shopping cart. Represents the Navy, Sailors, Bone Island History. 
Cat People - Wild, Untamed, and Frisky Cats Roam the streets. 

Parade Float Schedule and info! Work on costumes props etc here at armory if you need  - 600 white street 
We have extra paint, glitter tools and fabric/ tulle etc 

Thursday 6-10pm 
Friday 10am -10pm (float construction) 
Saturday 10am -2pm (float construction ) 

Saturday Schedule:
•Arrive by 5:30pm - Truman Waterfront 
•Logistics meeting 6pm - Parade departs 7pm 
•Truck can take most people back downtown immediately after the parade 
•Otherwise park cars near Somo Mansion or similar 
•Please Bring some waters - beers -drinks we have ice and coolers 
•No bathrooms on the float - it is a walking float with mobile tuck for sound
•Some food provided via pizza + Amigos

Expectation for parade:
enjoy ya-self 
dance around 
carry a flag
spread some love 

What is provided? 
- water & beer
- light snacks
- drinks
- dance music 

Confirmed Crew  (46) 

Marky Pierson - (puppet) 
Morgan Fraga - (dragon) 
Susannah Wells - (Sun) 
Martha Hooten - (Poseidon) 
Kristyn Lamoia - (star) 
Jack McDonald +2. (artists) 
​Leah Moeller +1 (moon) 
​Effie Ford + 1 (Pink Ladies) 
The Fords (Navy skeletons) 
Joy Nulisch + Robyn Wells  (Drivers) 
Claire Finley (mermaid) 
Hami Gendron (Manatee)
Carla Fuquay + 1 (unicorns)
Analise Smith + 1 (Fish) 
Brandon Beach (sound trike) 
Pony Charvet (sound trike) 
Carrie Hall + 1 (Star) 
Ben Pegg + 3 (Band) 
Adam Russell  (Dragon) 
Kelly Lever (Dragon) 
Aramis (Dragon) 
Naomi (Pink Lady) 
Tom & Lindsay FLIP (unicorns) 
Kate Divoll (Pink Lady)
Travis Doll (cat) 
Rachel Ligon +1 (mermaid) 
Anne Walters (dragon) 
Joe Madaus  (dragon) 
Liz Love 
​Danger Charter Men (3)

Photo Video Teams:
Flo (video) 
Dockery (video) 
Nick Doll
Mark Hedden