Fest Parade Production Info 2017

Fantasy Game Makers  & Jester Mob

Queen, King, The Royal Game Wizard,   Wild & Wacky Mad  & Playful Jesters, Winged Horse Trikes,  Stilt Walkers 

Insert Parade Float Description Here: 


Queen & King  -  1 person apparatus puppets. 2 people 
Game Master Aka Royal Wizard Game Master  - 3 person puppet operation - something like the images below. 
The Wild & Playful Jester Mob - Bright colors and black and white prints combined. Large head pieces, or light up accessories. Classic jester looks with modern, fun, sexy elements. 
Members of the Fest Court - Stilt Walkers 

Parade Float Schedule and info!
Work on costumes props etc here at armory if you need  - 600 white street 
We have extra paint, glitter tools and fabric/ tulle etc 

October 1-25th  10am - 8pm 

Parade Day Schedule:
•Arrive by 5:30pm - Truman Waterfront 
•Logistics meeting 6pm - Parade departs 7pm 
•Truck can take most people back downtown immediately after the parade 
•Otherwise park cars near Somo Mansion or similar 
•Please Bring some waters - beers -drinks we have ice and coolers 
•No bathrooms on the float - it is a walking float with mobile tuck for sound
•Some food provided via pizza + Amigos

Expectation for parade:
enjoy ya-self 
dance around 
carry a flag
spread some love 

What is provided? 
- water & beer
- light snacks
- drinks
- dance music 

Confirmed Crew  (46) 

Marky Pierson -  Stilt Walker 
Morgan Fraga - 
Susannah Wells - 
Martha Hooten - 
Kristyn Lamoia -
Jack McDonald 
​Leah Moeller
​Effie Ford 
The Fords
Joy Nulisch + Robyn Wells  (Drivers) 
Claire Finley
Hami Gendron 
Carla Fuquay 
Analise Smith 
Pony Charvet
Carrie Hall 
Ben Pegg 
Adam Russell 
Kelly Lever 
Tom & Lindsay 
Kate Divoll 
Travis Dol
Rachel Ligon 
Liz Love 

Photo Video Teams:
Flo (video) 
Dockery (video) 
Nick Doll
Mark Hedden 

Trike Horse or Tropical Bird ?
Lit up Head Pieces &Sticks with flapping shapes/fabric important