Miss Key West Bettie 2013 - Kayla Kessler

Photos from 2013 Bettie Page Party

The Bettie page Key West Connection

  • On New Year's Eve 1958, during one of her regular visits to Key West, Florida, Page attended a service at what is now the Key West Temple Baptist Church. She found herself drawn to the multiracial environment and started to attend on a regular basis.
  • In 1959, while living in Key West, Florida, Bettie Page ended her modeling career and severed all contact with her prior life. Becoming a born-again Christian was the primary reason. Her favorite drink was Root Beer.
  • She was nicknamed the "Girl with the Perfect Figure." Measurements during her glamorous modeling career: 36 - 24 - 36.5  (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)While Page was posing, she was also studying drama at a theater workshop.
  • She worked hard to lose her southern accent, because it was keeping her from getting more mainstream work. 
  • Page had a great dislike for profanity.In the 1960s, many conflicting rumors circulated about her fate. In realty, she unsuccessfully tried to live a domestic married life, and then later entered a religious seminary, briefly working as a Christian missionary. 
  • After she retreated from the public eye, Page was plagued by mental problems and reportedly stabbed three people. She was sentenced to a long spell in a mental institution as punishment. This was all a closely guarded secrete until it was exposed by journalist Richard Foster. 
  • In January 1955, she was the centerfold in Playboy's January issue. In 1955, she won the title "Miss Pin-Up Girl of the World". 

Miss Key West Bettie 2011 - Hunny Bunz

Big Party/Show, Bettie Look A-like Contest- , DJ, and more black bangs, corsettes, and leather than you can shake a stick at!

Downstairs main bar-stage  of Turtle Kraals. Bettie Photo and Video shoots live at the party!

Key West Bettie Contest at 9:30 pm.

Produced  MarkyP | Wonderdog Productions
Photos by Tom Flip 

Bettie Facts

Full Name: Bettie Mae Page
Birth Date: April 22, 1923
Born: Nashville, Tennessee
Marriages: Billy Neal (1943 - 1947), Armond Walterson (1958 - 1963) and Harry Lear (1967 - 1972)
Children: None
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue-Gray
Education: Bachelor of Arts degree from Peabody College
Favorite Actress: Bette Davis in Dark Victory