Mon Amour, Ma Maison  (my love, My home)

The complete film written, directed, and produced by Marky Pierson, featured in Key West's inaugural 72 Hour Film Challenge.

The short film Mon Amour, Ma Maison was created for the first annual Tropic Cinema 72 Hour Film Challenge in Key West, Florida.  12 Teams participated in the event, choosing from a list of genres and included specific details in their films provided by the event producers.  Each film had to include the character Charlie Seidenberg, a glazed doughnut as the prop, and the line, "It was wet when I got here."  This film was created entirely in Key West, in 71 hours and 55 minutes.

Behind the scenes photos

Film Premier Screening @ Tropic Cinema

mon amour ma maizon movie poster
Mark Hayda & Alexandra Deitz
WRITTEN | DIRECTED | PRODUCED  Marky Pierson; CINEMATOGRAPHY  Marky Pierson; EDITING  Marky Pierson & Mark Hayda; ART DIRECTION  Mark Hayda; STARRING (in order of appearance) Erin Mckenna - The Mom, Maddog Pierson - Charlie Seidenberg, Presley Coccitto - The Baby, Captain Chris Robinson - Fisherman, Fran Decker - The Artist, Eric Tetreault - The Skater, Carolyn Cooper - The Crepe Maker; ORIGINAL FILM SCORE  Jerrod Iseman; SOUND MIXING & EFFECTS  Marky Pierson; UNIT PRODUCTION  Jenni FrankeMegan FrankeStar Grace, Jack McdonnaldJulia TetreaultEllen Tetreault; CLOSING NUMBER  Love Lane Gang Band, featuring the song "Tropical Swing" @ The Green Parrot Bar; SPECIAL THANKS  Michael MarreroJuliet GrayJon VagnoniTropic CinemaSteve PanerilloThe CreperieAlexandra DietzMichael CoccittoMegan FrankeJessica SaldoMichelle Meck, Bill ElkinsJonci RicoRichard CongdonNatalia Duke, The Love Lane Gang

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