munz & the wonderdog

Jan 31- Feb 4, 2019 

The Schedule  ( Very Roughly) 

The Details (Very Loosely)

Thursday Jan 31
Casual, Informal Backyard Welcome - Light Food/Drinks 
Whatever Immediate Family that is in KW
(The Fraga's House) 2904 Seidenberg Ave. Key West @ approx. 5-8pm 

Friday Feb 1
Run Through at Ceremony Venue with production people morning 
Beach Picnic - or similar - Fort Zach  2-6pm 
Dinner with family and whomever 7-10pm - Possibly at The Perry Hotel 

Saturday Feb 2 WEDDING DAY!
Family Photos 4-5pm (TBD)
Wedding Welcome + Movie 5-6pm (Audubon House)
Wedding Ceremony 6-6:30 (Audubon House)
Dinner 7-9pm (Audubon House)
After Party @ 1 block walk 10 - midnight (TBD)

Sunday Feb 3
Casual & Informal Brunch for family and close whatnots about 11am 

Key West is expensive for travel. Hotels, Food, Parking etc. 
  • Key West in Feb - April is "High Season" - Everyone escaping the cold. So prices are highest.
  • If you stay near Stock Island, the hotels are about $100 Less than dowtown - The island is 4 miles long, takes about 15 mins to cross
  • We have Uber - Parking is very hard, and the town congested. 
  • If you rent a car - Parking in Old Town is roughly $3-10 per hour depending on the lot or area. Hotels further from "Old Town" have shuttles & free parking (usually). 
  • One option is to park near our home in Midtown and ride a bike around Key West from there. We live 10 minutes by bike from Duval Street (the main drag). 
  • Scooters are available- but people get in accidents daily - Morgan says DO NOT RENT A SCOOTER! Electric cars / go carts are safe and just as fun! Check this link out for rates.
  • Bikes will be Free, or close to it for wedding guests, through We Cycle 


Flights will be from $300-500 depending when you purchase them You can fly in to EYW - and take a taxi or rent a car from there. 
You can fly into Miami or FLL - rent a car and drive 4-5 hours to KW


  • We are attempting to set up a small deal or rooms
  • The Perry or 24 North are good options - We may have dinner at the Perry on Friday. But, The Perry is the farthest away. 
  • Rooms at The Perry are about $300, 24 North - $225 Right now 
  • Rooms closer to downtown range from $350-650 -
  • The resorts we'd recommend if you're looking to splurge would be Ocean Key Resort, The Hyatt, The Reach or the Casa Marina 
  • Feel Free to find whatever deals you can and secure it sooner than later.
  • Air BnB does not operate here, they are all hotel/guesthouses. 
  • Spending a night or 2 in a Downtown Guesthouse is a nice experience, but may not be for everyone. 
Click to visit the hotels ---> The Perry Website   24 North Website 


We will update this area with places we love, are deals, and good food!