munz & the wonderdog

Jan 31- Feb 4, 2019 

The Schedule 

Friday Feb 1
Run through at Audubon House with production crew 10am 
Beach Picnic - Fort Zach  2-6pm - Rain Plan TBD 
Dinner with family and whomever 8-10pm - Venue TBD  

Saturday Feb 2 WEDDING DAY!
Family Photos 4-5pm (TBD)
Wedding Welcome + Movie 5-6pm (Audubon House)
Wedding Ceremony 6-6:30 (Audubon House)
Dinner 7-9pm (Audubon House)
After Party @ 1 block walk 9 - midnight (TBD)

Sunday Feb 3
Casual & Informal Brunch for family and close whatnots about 11am - Venue TBD 


The wedding reception is less than 2 blocks from the Wedding Ceremony. We will be walking as a group - similar to a "second line" over to the Bar Reception Venue. General Horseplay will be closed to the public. 90 people are attending the wedding and approximately another 100 people will join us at the reception. Drinks are complimentary until 11pm. Light Desserts & Late Night Snacks will be served.  

Logistics & Travel Details 

Key West is expensive for travel. Hotels, Food, Parking etc. 
  • Key West in Feb - April is "High Season" - Everyone escaping the cold. So prices are highest.
  • If you stay near Stock Island, the hotels are about $100 Less than dowtown - The island is 4 miles long, takes about 15 mins to cross
  • We have Uber - Parking is very hard, and the town congested. 
  • If you rent a car - Parking in Old Town is roughly $3-10 per hour depending on the lot or area. Hotels further from "Old Town" have shuttles & free parking (usually). 
  • One option is to park near our home in Midtown and ride a bike around Key West from there. We live 10 minutes by bike from Duval Street (the main drag). 
  • Scooters are available- but people get in accidents daily - Morgan says DO NOT RENT A SCOOTER!  Electric cars / go carts are safe and just as fun! Check this link out for rates.
  • Bike Rentals will be Free, or close to it for wedding guests, through We Cycle 


Q: What do we wear?! 
A: Dress to impress! (And be ready to dance!) Dust off your suits, dresses, bowties and ball gowns (and if you own a cravat, please wear it!). The bride kindly requests that you refrain from wearing a wedding dress, but if that's all you have to wear, she prefers that to you going naked. (But really, don't wear white.)


Flights will be from $300-500 depending when you purchase them You can fly in to EYW - and take a taxi or rent a car from there. 
You can fly into Miami or FLL - rent a car and drive 4-5 hours to KW


  • We are attempting to set up a small deal or rooms
  • The Perry or 24 North are good options - We may have dinner at the Perry on Friday. But, The Perry is the farthest away. 
  • Rooms at The Perry are about $300, 24 North - $225 Right now 
  • Rooms closer to downtown range from $350-650 -
  • The resorts we'd recommend if you're looking to splurge would be Ocean Key Resort, The Hyatt, The Reach or the Casa Marina 
  • Feel Free to find whatever deals you can and secure it sooner than later.
  • Air BnB does not operate here, they are all hotel/guesthouses. 
  • Spending a night or 2 in a Downtown Guesthouse is a nice experience, but may not be for everyone. 
Click to visit the hotels ---> The Perry Website   24 North Website 


We will update this area with places we love, are deals, and good food! 


Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could ask for, but if you'd like to go the traditional route and send a gift, the link below will take you to our registry and some of the things we like. We can't wait to celebrate with you!​
Link Here -->