​Wedding Reception RSVP  •  Feb 2, 2019  •  9pm • 423 Caroline St. 

Festivities to include Dancing, Desserts & Late Night Snacks 
Open Bar Provided 9pm Until 11pm


Q: What do we wear?! 
A: Dress to impress! (And be ready to dance!) Dust off your suits, dresses, bowties and ball gowns (and if you own a cravat, please wear it!). The bride kindly requests that you refrain from wearing a wedding dress, but if that's all you have to wear, she prefers that to you going naked. (But really, don't wear white.)


​Your presence at our wedding is the best gift we could ask for, but if you'd like to go the traditional route and send a gift, the link below will take you to our registry and some of the things we like. We can't wait to celebrate with you!​
Link Here --> www.zola.com/registry/morganandmarky2019