Reston Limousine Videos
Ideal Shoot Date:Week of July 10-18th - Around 13th of July Best. 
  • Thinking 2-3 days of shooting will cover all aspects - Will assess after script and number of scenes. 
  • Rough Script and Outline - Early June - Refined by Late June - Finalized by July 4th.
To Do:
  • Assess final cost and time estimates after script 
  • Review studios in area and rental companies for lighting etc. 
  • Find Graphics & Styling for presentation and choices 
  • Create style guide for editing 
Basics from Conversation:
  • For People in the Industry , info and training 
  • May have quiz, powerpoint or similar to verify they learned the info 
  • Helping other companies be better
Example - Safety & Operations i.e.- operating an ADA Lift - ( Classroom -In Field - Classroom)  
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Video Ideas

Good Ideas for What to incorporate (How To)
Great animation/info graphic use
Great animation/info graphic use
Existing Chaueffuer Video