Design Concept 

Rum Row Bar & Lounge ties in the history of the Florida Keys' Rum Runners and Coast Guard's 'Rum Wars' during prohibition.  Modern lounge elements and styling, merged with retro and casual South Florida details enhance the glorified histroy of rum runners and historical figures. 

The Rum Row

McCoy is credited with the idea of bringing large boats just to the edge of the three-mile (4.8 km) limit of U.S. jurisdiction, and there selling his wares to "contact boats", local fishermen and small boat captains. The small, quick boats could more easily outrun Coast Guard ships and could dock in any small river or eddy and transfer their cargo to a waiting truck. They were also known to load float planes and flying boats. Soon others were following suit; the three-mile (4.8 km) limit became known as "Rum Line" and the ships waiting were called "Rum Row".

Images - Runners & coasties

Black and White photos of the big story between the Coasties and the Runners in the early 1930's.  Large format prints to be framed and hung above the bar, a couple in the lounge area, and smaller in the bathroom.  Prohibition 1919 - 1933
At first, there was much action on the seas, but after several months the Coast Guard began reporting decreasing smuggling activity. This was the start of the Bimini–Bahamas rum trade and the introduction of Bill McCoy.

The Players 

Rum Barrels

Rum Barrels are used for 'drink rails' casual table tops for the Blind Pig, and balance out the design and compliment the design in the lounge areas.  Hung above the bar - Ropes and pullies as from a boat
Portraits of the players, possible cut out of Bill McCoy- The Real McCoy with historical plaque so patrons know the relevance of this character:  With the start of Prohibition Captain McCoy began bringing rum from Bimini and the rest of the Bahamas into south Florida through Government Cut. The Coast Guard soon caught up with him, so he began to bring the illegal goods to just outside U.S. territorial waters and let smaller boats and other captains such as Habana Joe take the risk of bringing it into shore.

Bar Signage & Floor Mural