Shaman Lohan
Shaman Lujan Matus

english language - slave language - ayvuridic doctor

I am here and I am there - altered states continuously

open- there is a shift- see that everything in front of you is mallable - see for what it is

cant really know anything - if you have an expectation- you don't see forgoe going to know - cannot really know anything- scripted to see what you want to see- empty inside yourself to see

the way i have lived is not really how I want to live any more

you have to be how you are and your true power comes to the surface

deal with the raw data and trust yourself- inform yourself- transcend and mistrust idealogy

take responsibilty for what you think and what you do

remember who we are- atrocities go out of style

don't identify with the power out side of you

we have ultimate control of our destiny

we are our hearts - combined - oh my heart why do you forsake me- what we do to each other

you can only recognize that you never lost your power- you keep trying to get it back- but you hurt others in the process

the moment we stop blaming other people and things- outside of us- pain - illness- challenges- moment we take power back

choose responsibility and we have the ability to respond and change it completely

develop your power inside - no one should be inside anyone 

be kind and understanding and forget 

remove social drama and enjoy people in your environment

have a better story- 

shift in myself - help people in vast and incredible ways- need time for awareness and responsibility to fade

in each and every moment what is my choice?

im vested in your freedom, happiness, love - I am not bringing up info to control you or 

in this moment what is the chain reaction you are making - make a choice for love

manipulating energy - if you have an expectation or hidden agenda unspoken-  this is form of violence is forthcoming 

transparency - be open and honest with what you are doing

battling everything social that has been built

begin to heal from our personal interactions

we are setting the future now, we are creating it 

do it a little bit more right.. less to say and more to do- were are not far off path- (awesome and hilarious)