Produced by Mark Hedden & Marky Pierson
January  2017 Presenters 
December 2015 Presenters 

2014 Slideshow Presenters

2014 Slideshow Presenters - Audio

What is Slideshow?

Slide Show is a reinvention of a retrograde paradigm, an idiomatic melding of the narrative and the visual into a dynamic whole. But really its people telling stories in a dark room in front of a live audience, and illustrating them pictures. Think of a combination of your Uncle Ted’s pictures from his trip to Hamburg and an episode of This American Life, but with fewer photos of your Aunt Edith in questionable vacation attire.

2017 Presenters 

Joy Nulisch on the local artist, her stepdad, George Carey, and the legacy of the Glynn Archer Tiger. 

Tom Flip telling a animated tale of how life comes full circle and his journey in publishing a book of his photographic work. 

Snow Philip teaches us about Key West Gingerbread architecture.

Anne Walters on how she maintains flexibility throughout the various life and career changes she's encountered so far. 

Ian Q. Rowan talks about the mystery of the arctic marine mammal and the plight of the narwhals in Baffin Bay.

Breana Sowers takes us through vintage vernacular and photographs from Key Wester's in the 1800s. 

2015 Presenters 

Molly Ross and Nancy Klingener on the unbearable coolness of a set of historic 3D photos of Key West. Includes free 3D glasses!

Don Kincaid telling a family tail involving turtles, ducks, cows, boats, Bermudans, Bahamians, Spanish dynasties, and bygone Key West real estate.

Mark Hedden on the moral depravity of everyone’s favorite bird, the Laughing Gull.

Tracey Holst on how intense occupational displeasure led her to quit her job, design a line of clothes, and have her first trunk show, all within the space of 15 months.

Marky Pierson on the poetic and sensual mysteries of love. Illustrated with poetic, sensual and mysterious pictures.

Nicole Nurenburg making the fool’s journey via the symbolic language and pictorial alphabet of the Tarot.

Andy Thurber brings it home by preaching the gospel of one of the world’s more mystical elements: Guava jelly.