Squishy Femme Series

"There is nothing more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty"  Hussein Nishah

Squishy Femme is the name I give to my series of paintings with lovely ladies the focus of the composition.  Soft, squishy and full of everything womanly.  Some paintings are life drawing models, some are friends, and others are women I share my life with.  I love women and this is one way in which I see them. 
mango lady by marky pierson

The Mango Lady | 2012

cuban bananas by marky pierson

Cuban Bananas  | 2012

no secrets between us |  2009

Granny Smith | 2009

key lime pie by marky pierson

Key Lime Pie  | 2012

cafe con leche by marky pierson

Cafe con leche  | 2012

gallore | 2009

angie damage by marky pierson

angie damage  | 2008

reluctant muse reclining by marky pierson

St Joseph & Our Lady of Petronia 

soft gingerbread cookies by marky pierson

soft gingerbread cookies| 2009

The green couch by marky pierson

The Green couch | 2009

xtine by marky pierson

x-tine | 2008