underwater workshops
Underwater Fashion Photography with RBP
2 Day Workshop
10-15 people 
$1000 or so fees
non refundable deposit $250

2-3 models
1 set
camera gear rental
weight belts- masks
towels - wet suits?
night shoot?
projector and screen
preset videos 
Sound system for music
Food, Snacks Drinks
Transport from compound to hotels ?​
course description and outline

​web page or website
promo video
suggestions for lodging, parterning with hotel 
facebook event, ads
google ads?

Travel Portion
Trip or tour - sunset, wind and wine
bike tour, walking tour
Restaurant suggestions etc
Closing party - gathering 

models 600
makeup 400
food 800
advertisting 500
set 500

Total income - 10k - 15k
Total expense - 3k - 3500 

Romi : Class outlines, promo, camera gear, set, rehearse, editing outline, prelim shoot,  
Marky: set, web, promo, ads, travel, logistics, music, entertainment, projection , video, post promotion