Waste Management

Recycling Right! 

​ Recycling right is the best thing you can do for the environment, your community, and the overall job market.  I’ve attached a copy of our recycle guide and our recycle page from our activity book.
In Key West all recycling, yard waste and garbage are hauled to the mainland.  Recycling goes to a recycling plant in Pembroke Pines and garbage goes to 1 of 5 facilities approved to accept KW waste.  All waste goes to a Waste to Energy Facility where the waste is processed, burned and the heat is turned into electricity.
If you have bulky garbage or see any set on the curb that has not been picked up, call Waste Management to schedule a bulky waste pickup.
Some pictures of bags in the recycling screeners and conveyor belts.  One of the biggest problems plastic bags don’t stay in their stream at the plant and end up all over the plant, in all the different types of materials and clogging up all the equipment.  Plants have to shut down sometimes 5 times a day and to unclog or fix equipment that has been broken by the plastic bag.  Every plastic bag that ends up in the recycling plant increases waste and the cost of the whole process in time and in labor which comes back to the tax payer.  Most plants have to pay for workers to sit out on break while equipment is being unclogged or fixed.  Some plants put workers on unpaid breaks.

Keep Key West Beautiful

We host cleanups, Adopt-A-Spot programs for beaches, canals, blocks, streets, parks.  We will provide gloves, trash bags, collection containers, and pick up of waste.
KKWB has started 2 new recycling programs that are not for the recycle cart but for drop off locations. 

2.      Beach plastics recycling.  We are accepting and sending all rigid plastics pulled out of a waterway or off a beach to Teracycle.  Drop offs will be at the City Transfer Station and made by appointment.

We encourage businesses and local groups to Adopt A Spot (usually beaches or canals).  They just commit to 1 year and 4 cleanups a year.  (I decided yesterday to change the requirements).  We will give them the bags, gloves, pickers for the cleanup and pick up the material after!  We will even help with flyer designs and spreading the word to drum up extra volunteers.
With the new Beach plastics program we will ask cleanup groups to separate them as they do their cleanup!

​KKWB will soon start collecting alkaline batteries.  They will need to be taped on both ends.  More information coming soon.
​​​1.      Cigarette Recycling Brigade.  We accept ziplock bags (or we will work with you for a different method) full of cigarette waste (everything except the box is accepted and that goes to regular recycling) and this cigarette waste is recycled and made into things like benches.  Also for every 1 pound recycled, $1 is donated to Keep America Beautiful.  Appointments are made for collection.  We go to businesses and will have a drop station at the City Transfer Station.

First Saturdays

​First Saturdays, we collect household chemicals and electronics from residents for no charge the First Saturday of every month at Indigenous Park, 1801 White Street from 8am-Noon.

Miscellaneous Notes from Dee Dee

Marky's Notes

​Another thought.  Recycling plants work by accepting a certain amount of waste, this is based on how fast they can process the material and how big of a tip floor (holding area) they have for the material.  I worked at one facility if the plant went down for too many hours, the material would start piling up out the doors and in the parking lot.  If this happens to often you lose that material.  Enough preaching!  Ha ha!
Another reason to recycle.  We pay our contractor $71.06 per ton to haul garbage to the mainland, we pay $0 for them to haul recycling.  Everyone asks us about profit share, that is built into our contract but we only get paid when the market is high and right now it is not, it has not been for a long time.
Yard waste needs to be loose in a yard waste container or a paper bag (sold locally at hardware stores.)  It is against current City codes to place yard waste in plastic bags.  At this time, not being enforced but all material in plastic bags is treated as trash.  It saves the City money when residents and businesses make the effort to sort their yard waste properly  it cost’s less than garbage to haul away at $63.36 per ton.
In Key West it is much cheaper for businesses to recycle than to make garbage and dispose of it!  If a business wants to , they can haul their recycling to the transfer station on Rockland Key (MM9) and it is accepted for no charge.  If a company wants to pay Waste Management for pickup, recycling is 3 times cheaper than trash.  For now businesses can schedule recycling pickup for any day Monday-Saturday, you design the program by the amount of waste you have, and when you have the most.  If your business is small and doesn’t generate a lot of waste you can set up a shared garbage or recycling account with a neighbor (as long as you are on the same block).
Example of some prices: a 96 gallon cart garbage picked up 1 day a week for 1 month is $83.00.  The same cart of recycling will cost $23.68.  This on its own is a huge savings that makes it worth the time and effort for employers to train employees to recycle.  Some of our biggest bars recycle more than 80% of their waste.  Green Parrot, Gas Monkey and Willi T’s to name a few.  Others include Grunts, Don’s Place, Caroline’s, Hogs Breath, Two Friends Patio and Bagatelle are some others.  We will be adding a full list to our website soon!
​Beach Clean - Up 6 x year
 40 bags, 
"Keep Key West Beautiful" 
Collecting Cigarettes - 
Terra Cycle - Benches - Zip Lock Bags full of cigarette waste 
Re Cycling in general - 
pembrook pines - 
plastic bags - scrap yard 
"recycle right"
Recycling going to Trash?
Hopeful Recycling - hoping there is a chance - plastic bags, break equipment - 
Waste energy Facility 
Diff Rates - 
Recycling we don't pay for - right now. 
Residence - 23k
Tourists - kitchen cutting boards - 
recycle right, garbage, chemicals - donate what and what - for tourists. 
Car Free Key West - 
Chris Hamilton - Bike Free Key West - bike Coordinator for DC 
Recycle good at home, but in a restaurant ?
Businesses - 
Recycle Rings - ADS 
Message on the garbage cans - Recycle aluminum 
Local Business:
$86 = green cans garbage /month   1 pick up a week 
$23 = blue can /month 1 pick up per week 
Recycling: $blue can is free 
Why bother? - tax money goes to 
 61.50/ton - for trash 
Zero/ton for ReCycling 
Green Parrot 
Gas Monkey 
Unity Church 
Willy Tee's
Irish Kevins 
Grunts Bar 
Joe Walsh
Don's Place 
See Garbage, Call it in? phone number - get it picked up quick 
305 296 8297
First Saturdays - 
Toxins, Chemicals and Electronics
8-Noon - FREE 
Toxin Free Home 
Read signs -
pricing, logos, other 
Figure out the main talking points from these notes + more. 
30 seconds (3) ideas  TV - push on social 
10 second (3) simple points for social 
60 seconds 
Fantasy Fest - Bin Contest - Green Zone - Couches covered with grass. 
Power Point with plans, pop up parks. 
Arts in Public Places - public art into places, pricing, 
Bring the Fantasy back to the fest. 
Christopher for Bikes 
Allison about Buses
Dee Dee + Marcus Trash and Recycling